And, Days Become Weeks….

So, today was the day for the food truck.  To get food off the food truck, there’s a need to pay the man.  And, paying the man was possible because the Lunch Lady went to the bank and got some to do so, dropping it off when she came Friday.  Today should have been a day for the likes of a clean up by a personal care aide.  It didn’t happen as the agency replacing the “agency that was” didn’t have a lady to send.  Yesterday was thoroughly involved in getting this and the other little literary gem set up.  Many times the other could easily be set up earlier, but events throughout the week make it impossible.  Things weren’t planned to be this way.

The birthday stuff came early, late Tuesday instead of Thursday which was, as expected, a rush and miserable day.  It was a very good thing that the things were early.  The bouquet of flowers acclimated and spread out by Thursday morning to be a lovely sight to behold first thing in the morning, and breakfast was the delicious birthday cake.  At least the morning was great.  The young man doing the “homemaking” chores on Wednesdays, as usual did great (at least to all outward appearances) with the errands, but he seems to be a bit clumsy with directives in and about the place.  He may be rushing too much.  It needs some analysis or the like.

Bad news came about a friend.  No one, not even the other instigator, showed for Saturday’s little club meeting, and the question now is what to do about it.  An extra-ordinary amount of time (like hours) is being spent every day on the telephone (and in email) to see about the needed services.  So far there’s been no adequate solution found.  At least telephoning can be done on the community phone in the lobby or the bill would be astronomical.  Not only is the financial accounting still not straightened out, but cash in hand is getting low and it’s only mid-month.  One person who might have been of some help with some things is moving.

Looking to tomorrow isn’t always hopeful.  😦


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