Time To Sort Things Out

Nothing like fate, confusion or maybe people re-arranging someone’s life….  The foot doctor was scheduled to visit the apartment building.  Such does not come often and there be a dire need here.  First, the wrong day was what was kept in mind.  He was scheduled for Friday and what was planned for was Thursday.  Nursing service was notified and instead of scheduling for later in the day Thursday, the nursing visit was moved to this week.  At the hour in mind, it was learned he was due Friday.  Nursing service was notified aide service would be best late.  The message got lost.  The aide arrived early, which was okay as the doctor’s appointment had to be moved up two hours….  There was a presentation of services on Thursday, none of which was needed, but a plate of cookies was given away and gained.

A new housekeeping aide was sent for Wednesday, a young man.  This is for nothing but errands and cleaning and the like, and in the hour on duty the only thing he got done was the errands (par for the course).  The mail at the post office (including the small check coming) did get picked up.  He’s okay, however, a problem is foreseen if personal care starts being sent through that agency in a couple of weeks when nursing services is likely to end.  It would take two aides, one for each service, to do it right, which seems unlikely.  Tuesday as well as Wednesday is recalled as pretty good for a change.  Saturday from some unfathomable cause began like hanging onto a rope for dear life, in this case the scooter.  The instability was substantial but was survived.  The day’s scheduled “event” was the loners’ meeting.

Yesterday a new friend went to get money and a couple of other things needed.  He gets gas money for sure and the stuff was pretty essential.  Bank accounts still aren’t in the best of order, but at least there’s a little cash in hand.  Rent payments and internet service be matters for this week.  The nurse’s aide for getting cleaned up was scheduled for today.  Lunch Lady helpfully promised some stuff again beyond the call of duty.  Trying to replace Older Friend has been so time consuming that the Christmas decorations still haven’t been taken off the fir tree.  To make things worse, the air bed needs replacing and there’s no way at the moment to do it.  There’s only a substitution at hand which is only a “possible.”  Money comes Thursday, but the post office box rent is due in March.

January can be a time to just survive.  🙂


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