More Downhill

By Friday morning there had been enough turbulence in the week to forget all sense of basic order.  Case in point:  Lunch Lady was due Friday.  Her usual time is near noon.  It was remembered to make out an order Friday morning for next time and have room in the freezer for incoming stuff.  Nurse’s aide service was also due Friday.  She can make it early, like near noon, or late, like around 4:00 p.m.  As there was no messy emergency, it didn’t matter which time she picked.  There was a need to get some rest Friday morning.  A hop into bed near 10:30 a.m. turned into a relaxed moment when no word came from the aide by 11:15 a.m. … after which the Lunch Lady was remembered.  Well, hop to it, kid.

The Lunch Lady coming was not the only thing unceremoniously forgotten.  In addition, some things, like the post office box mail (with probable check in it), simply had to be let slide.  The housekeeping aide just plain didn’t show up; so, there was no going to the grocery or drug store, either.  Meanwhile, it turned out that the nurse from nursing services had ordered occupational  therapy, physical therapy and casework services; and, if she said anything about it, it wasn’t heard.  Said people started showing up in essence totally unexpectedly for interviews.  Neither therapist claimed to be able to do anything.  Today was food truck day in addition to the nurse’s aide help, to continue the racing around for services.

Young Friend holds down two jobs and can just barely find an hour a month.  He can’t help with much beside what he’s been doing.  With the homemaking services, which includes errands, and Older Friend out of the picture, getting stuff, money included, is nearly impossible.  No one in the building wants to do errands (or clean) not even for money.  Something like hauling out the trash can also be a problem since the trash chute has a limited capacity — if the trash includes things like a pizza box it has to be personally taken to the dumpster, which is at the foot of a steep hill and not easily accomplished on a scooter.  Important emails, like to law offices, haven’t been answered.  And, no phone for long distance.

Waiting for the next problem isn’t good.  😦


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