Still Adjusting….

In regard to the seemingly endless “adjustments,” nothing much has changed except some names in the place underfoot. In a month Standard Time kicks in and there will be another round of “adjustments” to life as well as times. Lunch Lady, who’s keeping her job for the time being after all, came Friday (early) again with eggs. At least there’s a fast lunch or a quick supper. Older Friend brought supplies yesterday but couldn’t stay for things like the trash and plants due to a family commitment. The “reschedule” was set for today amid food truck visit expectations. He does help as he can, this week including payment of the bill for the wireless service and part of the rent as well as bringing the grocery supplies.

Due to the changing about, not just hours and things are confused but even days are mixed up. Young Friend offered to come this week, especially since he didn’t make it last week. Twice now the requested time has included a wrong day. Maybe somehow he’ll get money orders for the November rent in hand. The new little Helping Lady got sick and didn’t come as expected Wednesday. There may be some changes needed in that deal, but what, when and how has yet to be determined. Work is being done on some additional help from other sources. The computer system, of course, is new and not according to old habits, but even sites are problems, e.g., as noted in The Diary, posting pictures is an unknown.

Nursing service is still going on and not very well. Tuesday was eliminated and Thursday the nurse was late. A phone call (using up the pre-paid funds) was substituted for Tuesday. At least the nurse was better than one they have sent several times. There may be no more of the Tuesday scheduling, which is just fine since they didn’t properly come on Tuesday. The bright spot in all this, of course, is the new little scooter. It’s been working good. Several troublesome things have been eliminated due to that. Also, contact has been established with Young Friend #2 who knows about computers. Help with the computers may be just an email away, and a handful of the lost bookmarks are now back for use.

Doing something worthwhile is a positive thing. 🙂


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