Still Just Hangin’ In Here….

It’s blog time again amid another collections of disasters and setbacks probably aided and abetted by the likes of the unseasonably warm weather. Seemingly ninety degrees has not happened much in the area in late September before now, and given cool nights there’s at least the persistent need to adjust the HVAC unit. The building management has a worthwhile activity scheduled to disrupt existence, namely window washing, on a day nursing service is also scheduled, which nursing service proved to be a sizable irritation on Thursday and which may be so again tomorrow. Older Friend came by on Thursday and just by his presence he did stabilize life and times.

There has been little chance to re-establish anything like the computer set up that was lost, so these notes are being done in a different system. Previously the write up was outside of the publishing site, but it went directly to publish (posting) as is. The feature to do that was lost. The neat little paragraphs are a thing of the past unless there’s another as yet unknown way to do it. At this point it seems like “this is it.” There may be some experimental activity tried. There might as well be attempts at trying different things like different type-faces to see what might be neatly presented. Something easy to read is of great importance in any printed activity including this one.

In the world at hand events and changes seem to be coming fast and furious. Wednesday was a good example. Wednesdays were long reserved for aide services. When those diminished, it was “free time.” The Helping Lady due on Wednesday needed to come a half hour later, which would have been okay except respiratory therapy had said he wanted to come Wednesday and the building’s activities coordinator needed to be visited (and that wasn’t all). There was only a half-hour of housekeeping, but at least the plants got some attention. Older Friend did come yesterday and got the trash out, Young Friend’s expected and the third Young Friend’s likely gone.

Slowness is a big problem of old age. 🙂


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