And, More Confused Living….

The doctor came.  He said he would be back in two months.  It was three months between visits before.  Lunch Lady will come every two weeks instead of every week as of Friday.  There be minor changes, a couple, in the essentials of living (such as pill time) as well as that rather substantial change.  Rent’s gotta be paid sometime this coming week as getting there next Monday feels “iffy” for some reason.  Older Friend came extra this past week (no grocery list on Saturday, his birthday). 

Today was food truck day, which now involves a problem.  That reschedule of Lunch Lady should have been set on this Friday, rather than last Friday so there would be room in the freezer unit.  And, changing it would cause a heap of other problems, therefore, it’s going to be a concern every other week.  And, presently that’s a minor concern considering that the scooter that’s used most of the time isn’t working right.  There’s an excellent chance there’ll be a need to buy another scooter. 

There’s been no chance to do more about the advocacy business still sitting undone.  At least the Security Check Lady’s all right in her contacts.  The post office box mail has not been picked up again for two weeks.  It’s becoming a problem.  The Helping Lady came on Thursday and worked on long-standing and important concerns.  There’s a vague possibility she might be able to get the mail.  Young Friend is not expected for about two weeks.  A special visit from his people may be pending. 

Confusion never helps some matters. Coffee cup 


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