Life Has Bright Spots

Young Friend did indeed come, one of the few things that went well in the past week.  He got money orders for upcoming rent payments (a most important concern), some cash for purchases, the mail both in house and post office box (that three weeks’ accumulation and something that needs attention), gathered up and hauled out over a week’s trash and did some needed things with the plants.  A summer treat from his people was supposed to be yesterday, but by Friday it was obvious that was out. 

For several days computer problems interfered with what times could be spent with it, which is a very bad situation as both information (news and weather) and communications with others (email) relies on the computer.  It’s still not clear what is wrong and no reliable computer service has yet been found.  A terrible situation developed Wednesday that kept Helping Lady around (going back and forth as she needed) until about 10:00 p.m. from mid-morning getting your truly cleaned up “some.” 

The building-wide plumbing stuff is evidently done.  Based on notice it looks like there’s still individual apartment stuff pending, but presumably the water won’t be off.  Unavoidably, Lunch Lady was late but she brought eggs.  While Young Friend and Helping Lady were real “bright spots,” a delightful thing was another dead light bulb.  A floor lamp three-way (hard to reach) blew.  At times only one element of those goes and one did before.  Yet one “way” was left, no deal with the lamp. 

Small joys can be unusual. Open-mouthed smile 


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