More Good News

The most wonderful happening of the week:  Older Friend found another member of his church, an older retired lady, that can help with some aide services.  She came not only as expected, but on unexpected emergency calls as well.  There was another maybe good thing which happened, namely, the assigning agency (the bunch that arranges for aide services) has another staff person in charge of said arranging as of July 1.  What result will come there is, of course, unknown.  It can’t be worse. 

Today was food truck day.  Friday lunch lady brought stuff to last two weeks (including eggs).  Yesterday, Older Friend did the grocery list.  There is no food shortage.  Some residents figured out the residents’ association business.  A President (and presumably other officers) was elected, so that is again working.  There’s only so much news that’s good.  Some of the bad news includes an apparent loss of the Advocacy Lady; this doesn’t matter so much, since there is a real Helping Lady. 

Upcoming problems include the water being shut off for eleven day-time hours throughout the apartment building for the next three Wednesdays (as if there aren’t enough problems for many with a bathroom) and delays and such with the Avon orders.  A birthday present for Older Friend is needed; Avon’s a logical source, but the last order was screwed up as well.  It may be delivered on Thursday a week late.  The money’s more confused than before, plus there were three bad days this past week. 

Happy Summer to all! Sun 



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2 responses to “More Good News

  1. Bridgette

    I am glad you got some good news this week! Hope next week brings more good news 🙂

  2. Thank you, Bridgette! Good news even now and then is enough to keep us operational, and it definitely is not an all the time thing. (I’m okay right now.)

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