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New Concerns….

What almost got posted this week was the sick leave notice at best.  It’s been that bad of a week.  The Diary’s Blog can be written ahead but this can’t be; a little at a time as things happen can be written, but that’s all.  It’s mostly a weekend thing and the weekend was highly upset with a couple of items such as the food truck coming Saturday instead of last Monday and being short a couple of things.  And, it is due back come next Monday.  Avon also upset things with no brochure left. 

Young Friend is expected to come tomorrow to line up the July rent payments and more.  Older Friend came yesterday as usual with supplies, but later than usual.  He also helped with the things he often does, like gather up the trash.  Lunch Lady’s regular Friday visit came as usual; she had eggs again.  That much is reliable, which is very important when clear thinking seems out of the question as happened several mornings.  It’s breathing, but only to an extent (head’s in a kind of fog). 

There was an unexpected pounding on the door one morning (and now even the day is unsure, but most likely Thursday) that be lady looking for housekeeping work.  There’s something not at all clear in this.  Counting the man that came in May, that’s the third time someone’s been around.  It needs investigating several ways.  There has been no prior contact.  Aide service needs exist, of course, but persons are just showing up.  The building management rules prohibit door-to-door soliciting. 

They say tomorrow’s another day.Confused smile 


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