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Very Good And Very Bad

Tuesday evening was so peaceful it was incredible.  Yard work was done for a while (leaf blowing, etc.), but mostly a peace hung over the place.  The new HVAC unit’s in and working good and is quiet.  Wednesday was such a disaster the office staff was called for emergency help.  Thursday was also a mess when expected help sent a message that she was sick.  To make life interesting a spider came crawling by during a bathroom visit one day.  The fire department sent three trucks one time. 

Young Friend is expected tomorrow.  There are errands for his attention, like the rent money orders for June.  Lunch lady’s visit on Friday came as usual, and again she brought some her kind of eggs.  The security checks are going okay.  There’s a vague chance there will be an easing of the aide service deal come Wednesday; appointment scheduled.  Chasing down services has had money flowing from the cell phone pre-payment like it was water.  Older Friend has not been available for much. 

There has been a “feasting” most days on a huge bag of potato chips brought as a gift by the food truck driver.  They are a bit rare as they’re cooked in peanut oil and aren’t common in the immediate area.  Something special is needed at times.  A problem of some kind seems to be growing in the computer.  It needs, maybe, technical tinkering.  This month’s prescription and some vitamins came today from the drug store.  Avon comes this week.  The weather has been okay.  Money’s confused. 

Having goals helps with staying reasonable.Work 



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