May Day

The doctor came on Tuesday.  He wanted blood.  In addition to that he thought an X-ray would be a good idea.  The X-ray man showed up unexpectedly Wednesday morning.  He called, but his message didn’t get relayed by Older Friend.  Young Friend did come Wednesday.  He got the mail and other stuff Older Friend wasn’t able to cover this week.  Word came that the Avon item wasn’t sent.  The rent did get paid Thursday.  The big pay-it item with problem is the wireless bill as it needs a check. 

The search for aide service stuff goes on of course.  There’s been a new reply this past week:  “Call Monday” (today).  The money on the telephone is going fast.  The lobby phone can be used, of course, but it really isn’t that convenient as it be noon before stuff like breakfast is out of the way due to the two-three morning hours in the bathroom.  There’s another big inspection coming tomorrow, this one by an upper level of the corporation that owns the apartment building just checking. 

Older Friend did come by yesterday, so there are supplies and the trash got hauled out.  Aviation Trail’s finally a subject for The Diary’s Blog.  It’s been hard trying to figure out an angle there.  (It may not be the greatest thing ever written, but at least something got written, this while things like an email Avon order and food truck order were piling up for this weekend.)  The HVAC unit malfunctioned again so a trip to the office was in order.  Fortunately temperatures weren’t bad.

May day used to mean help, help.Coffee cup 


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