More Upheaval….

A frantic Saturday morning it was.  The light bulb burned out again in the kitchen.  While it’s not impossible to see, when something like that burns out, it takes maintenance to do the replacing.  It’s near the ceiling.  Best alternative’s a tall man willing to be helpful.  As maintenance would be days away most likely today (at the earliest), there was the hunt for a tall man.  It did get done.  Older Friend is tall enough, but due to serious commitments he could not stop this weekend. 

Lunch Lady was off sick.  Stuff came okay.  She said she’d be back today.  Her eggs were all gone.  Avon’s coming this week and the food truck’s next Monday.  Young Friend may be around come Wednesday.  The doctor’s due soon.  The scooter is worse presently.  There is a flurry of activity about aide service; advocacy is debatable at the moment.  A guess says it will be stewing in some way until at least mid-May if not later; and, nothing positive personally is expected out of it at that. 

The rent has to be paid this week.  Although the cash on hand again (yet) is in disarray, at least the rent money order’s a thing in hand.  So’s the current insurance check.  Once again too much is going on the cell phone.  If it keeps up, another payment will have to be added soon.  There is one bright spot amid the negative.  The residents’ association’s very vaguely considering a job bank which may turn up enough help to scrap the aide service matters.  That’s to be cleared this week. 

It’s hard to believe some things happen.Fingers crossed 


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