Taxes And Easter Done

There was a sense of finality in the air as 5:00 p.m. came in view on Thursday (no idea why).  The week had a lot of papers for housing in the clip by the door like “make an appointment for” and assorted messages.  One two-line note at the end yet was about parking in the parking lot.  That meant immediately hunting up Young Friend (as someone was coming yesterday with Easter stuff), Older Friend (coming any time) and, since Avon was due that afternoon, catching him entering to warn him. 

As frequently happens, given the personal problems along with such things, the week was a blurry mad dash of details missed that soon take on sizable importance.  A most alarming one is when the cell phone re-charge is forgotten until late as it’s not sure for the night if it’s not charged.  The pull cord in the bathroom would be the other way to get EMTs at night.  It may be twenty feet to that.  By Saturday night a few items of concern got sorted out, but not well.  Office visit to do. 

Lunch Lady made a special visit with eggs.  Young Friend’s to visit possibly tomorrow.  Older Friend thoughtfully brought a dinner from his family’s feast as well as helped in the usual ways.  Another possible aide service popped up Friday and (as before) disappeared.  Advocacy Lady needs to be contacted but she is out-of-state on important matters.  Food truck day was today.  Avon needed to be emailed as there was too much to-do going on Thursday.  A Good Neighbor came back from a trip. 

Problems can be more complex for old folks.Work 


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