Some Things Are Okay….

Young Friend managed a visit this week; the rent money orders for May are safely in hand.  He might manage to come a second time this month, he said.  He will be badly missed when he at last has a chance to follow his dream of a career in the U.S. Navy.  That should happen by the end of the year.  A lady was interviewed to be a new Helping Lady.  She seemed interested, but it is not all cut and dried.  She had to cancel her first visit.  This month’s inspection for pests (bugs) was done. 

The telephone (cell phone) got a lot of use again for various offices this time most of which wasn’t worth the effort.  The mention here is only because it was done.  Older Friend as is usual these days watered the plants and brought some supplies for the week.  This time he also got the prescription for the inhalant gizmo, the only prescription that’s really used.  So the monthly stuff is covered including a payment for the cell phone.  Avon is due this week, the food truck next Monday. 

Health-wise things were quite bad over the weekend (Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday).  The doctor is supposed to come around near the end of the month.  Among other things, energy seems to be waning.  If it doesn’t clear up, a drastic change (like moving to a different type of housing) is in mind.  The place underfoot doesn’t maintain some services (like security checks are from the outside world).  There has been no chance for the likes of good links or “The Project” in this week. 

Happy Easter to all.Bunny 



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2 responses to “Some Things Are Okay….

  1. Bridgette

    Happy Easter to you too! I enjoy reading about your day!

  2. Thank you so very much. Knowing someone somewhere found something in it worth their time makes it worthwhile. 🙂

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