Oh! The Excitement!

The biggest news of the week:  the scooter seems to be broken badly, vitally maybe.  It hasn’t always gone backwards in the last few days.  Older Friend did assessing on Thursday and he will be getting repair parts.  Just maybe there won’t be need for a new one yet, which is a lot of bother.  Friday night at 1:00 a.m. there was a terrific pounding on the door, and soon enough the fire department came in.  It seems a water pipe in the apartment above broke.  They wanted to check around. 

Some long delayed mail finally got mailed.  That’s a “getting something done” as the gubmint problem’s now worse.  It seems their office made a big mistake, and calling can mean sitting and waiting for over an hour.  (Not calling means go to their offices.)  And, at present there are two more gubmint offices that merit attention.  At least the rent’s paid, and there is food in the place.  Today was food truck day and it’s nearing time for a visit from the doctor.  (Maybe he has pills.) 

There’s been another good link to share found, but it will be some other time.  It takes some fiddling to line them up.  An attempt will also be made to find that first one again, as it doesn’t connect anywhere any longer.  The lady doing security checks took a crack at finding aide services.  It did not pan out, but another person may have come up with something.  The Advocacy Lady is scaling back her efforts at such things, and her agency’s expected to send someone new sometime soon. 

When a lot happens, it hard to recall it all.Confused smile 


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