Birthday, Plus

Wednesday was birthday number 81.  One grandfather, and he be all that is known, lived longer.  He lived to be 82.  It is a scary thing to outlive parents at times.  If they died due to natural causes one would have to wonder.  A grandparent’s but one fourth of one.  Young Friend’s people visited and brought fresh flowers, some gifts and a little cake.  The flowers are still alive.  The cake, of course, is all gone.  There were a few cards as well from unexpected people like office staff. 

While what might be called “close in” folks made the birthday nice, there are and were problems beyond, like aide stuff.  A really nice offer was made by Advocacy Lady to do some of the more important errands and more this week.  She’s supposed to come by tomorrow for that.  Older Friend put in extra time as well as his usual Sunday visit again.  Lunch Lady will not be coming this week as she is taking vacation time for important personal matters (she did bring eggs).  The Avon came okay. 

Today was food truck day.  It was most timely that he brought some extra bags with the order (as he sometimes does).  Every week one is needed and what was around was all gone.  (That’s considered last of the birthday gifts.)  On the whole, things were extremely hectic throughout the week with some confusion about banking stuff.  The “sick leave” sign almost got posted for today’s message.  Avon had to go by email again.  There’s been another big round of telephone calls to vital offices. 

Old age can lead to slow thinking.Confused smile 



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2 responses to “Birthday, Plus

  1. Michael Bennett

    You’re a little bit ahead of me Carolyn. My dad was 55, my mother was 66 and I am now 77! That’s a worry in the interests of mathematical symmetry! 🙂

  2. Mustn’t bring up discouraging stuff like that, Michael. My mother was 69, my dad 77. Now I don’t want to think about 85. 😦

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