Progress And Confusion

Young Friend did indeed come Wednesday.  The money orders for the April rent are now in hand and off the concerns list.  He also took in the insurance check as a deposit (sometimes it’s near the expiration date before it’s cashed) and an order for new checks sitting in wait for almost too long already.  And, some food and cigarettes (another thing out of the way) while not so important were bought.  He even changed wall calendars displayed to March.  He might come back again this month. 

The doctor’s office called to set an appointment.  He did not come.  It took seventeen telephone calls to sort matters out, but, admittedly, given a recorded message, the phone was just hung up.  He is supposed to come, eventually.  Lunch Lady was kind enough to bring more of her kind of eggs.  The Avon came just fine.  Older Friend came as expected and then some.  The security checks went just fine.  Advocacy Lady seemed to have some problems with a letter, but it should work out okay. 

With Daylight Savings Time coming, the expectation is for new confusion ahead, but both the food truck and the Avon are now out of the way for the time being, so there is a chance to be ready for it.  There is, however, a birthday event supposedly upcoming next week, which will take out a day.  The HVAC unit malfunctioned again yesterday morning, the air bed started to collapse Saturday and the computer presented curious activity Saturday but seems okay now.  The first two took actions. 

The ancient Greeks said nothing was static.Thinking smile 


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