State Of Affairs

Every morning’s “bad,” but some are much worse than others at random.  It seems a congestion builds up overnight creating a breathless panicky state.  Indeed, sometimes the inability to breathe causes the awakening.  Trying to get up as that takes effort and energy just makes things worse.  The doctor thinks part of the problem is not being awake enough, which does fit the picture.  What to do about it, since there’s always every morning’s mad dash to the bathroom need, is a big problem. 

Saturday was almost a lost day.  Wednesday a mess was made in the watering of the plants.  It’s often a case of remembering deliberate breathing as that’s interference in thinking about the task at hand but not always.  No day was really very good even though no one was scheduled to come by except Lunch Lady and Older Friend yesterday.  Helping Lady was seen in passing one afternoon.  Young Friend didn’t make it, but he is hoping Wednesday’s a day he can go get March’s rent money orders.

In addition to Young Friend, Avon delivery is due this coming week with the food truck next Monday.  The hunt for some help around the place, of course, continues and it’s incredible no one can be found.  The “looking” is in what should be “right” places, and the financial “offering” where such should be the expectation is reasonable, that is, unless life and times are being mis-judged.  To get it out of the way at least the rent for the month was paid (wireless bill’s still to be done). 

Every day should be a treasure.I don't know smile 


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