Happy Valentine’s Day?

Young Friend came by on Friday and did a bunch of fundamental and important stuff, mostly errands including getting a phone card, money orders for the rent payments due in March and the mail sitting at the post office, which was more than a week’s mail.  He thinks he might be able to come again this month, a possibility, not a certainty.  At least those important items are out of mind for a few weeks.  Career wishes exist for him and should he leave he’ll be seriously missed hereabouts. 

Lunch Lady came as expected.  Older Friend also came not only when expected but also additionally.  Advocacy Lady sent note saying she could not do much for another two or so weeks.  As long as little personal time is used there, it probably won’t matter.  No word has come from Helping Lady, and there’s been nothing from the in-house ads.  However, other stuff’s in the works.  On the bright side, the lady doing the laundry before now is back doing it.  The cast is off the arm she broke. 

Avon comes this week, and there’s the inspection mentioned in the post two weeks ago.  The sick leave notice is expected to land here almost daily as there’s a state of forgetfulness in play that’s downright scary.  That may be because of too many details to remember about things recently.  A new “check off” list is being created but it’s a confused mess.  There’s also been increased tiredness with a need for rest during the day, which may be tied to it.  Run, as something is forgotten. 

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone.Red heart 


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