Some Changes

The week started out more hopeful than usual; an organization that’s hospital based and promising stuff was joined.  It may not turn out to be much, but it looks promising.  In addition Wednesday fairly early maintenance did some of the stuff they thought they had to do.  Thursday they came back and likewise Friday and finally said they were done.  Problems, of course, surfaced during the week.  One scary concern was that the ATM account couldn’t be viewed online, password change needed. 

Thursday was spent cleaning up a mess again, but Avon came as expected and the new pants look good.  Lunch Lady brought her kind of eggs again, enough to give some to a neighbor.  Older Friend came unexpectedly several times Friday bringing things and Saturday and yesterday as well.  Young Friend’s still due this coming Friday.  At least the rent payment for March will get arranged if he makes it here.  Given that Helping Lady is still not able to do a lot, ads were posted for more help. 

The trip to the office today was of great importance:  during his visit yesterday Older Friend was asked to check the locks securing the windows.  A window thought locked wasn’t as that lock was broken.  The food truck was a bit late and was short two items.  The substitutions aren’t that great.  Laundry did get done and just in time, too.  Advocacy Lady did not get in touch yet as of this afternoon, but she is not expected for a couple of more days.  Blog postings were down to the wire. 

Last minute stuff can cause panic.Lightning 


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