It’s Rainy January (Holiday, Too)

Young Friend did manage to come on Tuesday.  He may even come again before the end of the month.  He not only got some cash and the February rent payments, he also got some prescription for the month.  The doctor also came.  He’s not expected back for a month to six weeks.  The Advocacy Lady came to see some papers, and she picked up the post office mail (extra service there).  The HVAC unit malfunctioned.  The manager looked and said it couldn’t be fixed.  It’s to be replaced eventually. 

Lunch Lady was early (it had to happen sooner or later) so it was necessary to get the receipt signed in the bathroom.  She had some more eggs, ready to eat.  Older Friend was unable to help much.  He did come by on Saturday although ill, and took out the trash as well as brought supplies.  He even said then that coming to the place yesterday was out as he felt too ill (his people didn’t have his services last Sunday either), but anyway he came.  There may be another possible helper, too.

Saturday and yesterday were both terrible, with most of those days spent just getting cleaned up, and one other day was not good.  It may be worry over things such as the HVAC, it being January after all.  It might also be the weather as it’s been mostly dreary, rainy days.  For Martin Luther King, Jr. day a day off for the office, so any concerns turning up have to be put off until tomorrow.  Older Friend brought some nice gifts yesterday, a Christmas plant and another very special kind. 

Snowless Januarys aren’t very nice.Storm cloud 


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