Holidays’ Afterwards

Indeed, the new year is here.  Thanks to Older Friend laundry got done.  Thanks to Distant Friend a calendar with numbers a person on a scooter can see is on the wall.  On Wednesday two ladies who may help with the missing aide service came to see about the situation.  Avon came on Thursday as expected.  The new vest to counter the cold (it snowed some and temperatures dipped) is at hand.  Lunch lady came on Friday.  She had eggs again, white ones this time.  Advocacy Lady’s in contact. 

As Older Friend had to go out of town on the weekend, he came and made sure the plants had water and there wasn’t a need of some basic things (like breakfast) on Thursday.  There was of course no visit yesterday.  Young Friend is expected tomorrow for a while.  It’s hoped he can get the rent money orders for February and a prescription.  Security Check Lady didn’t miss either day, but some arrangements with Helping Lady are still needed and, maybe, the new contact established last week. 

Christmas stuff got taken down early from outside of the door but Christmas is not done inside the place.  As blog postings and food truck were both due today, there was no time for the finish of Christmas matters.  Money’s still not in order, but the insurance check did get cashed due to Older Friend coming one other time as well as Thursday.  There are four envelopes for tallying up the finances, although there is not that much needed to clear them out.  It is presently hard to think. 

Memories can get in the way of action.Snail 



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2 responses to “Holidays’ Afterwards

  1. Michael Bennett

    Did you get a card from the South Pacific Carolyn?

    • Yes, Michael, your card got here just in time for Christmas (like two days before). It went up on the door frame right under England and most definitely had an effect. That’s part of the Christmas that’s not done yet. For one thing someone, either here or there, opened it before I got it.

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