Well, It’s A New Year

The new year began, and that’s about all the positive that is reportable.  The lady that helped with laundry in the past is not in a good way.  Not only did her daughter die just before Christmas, but she broke a bone near her wrist.  Older Friend took the laundry yesterday as well as helped as usual for the weekend, which recently has included Friday food.  To make it just a little worse, if any morning gets worse, the most that will get posted as a blog post will be the sick leave note. 

There is no word yet from the Helping Lady, but a new contact for some help of some sort was established.  (Not much is the realistic expectation, but all avenues are explored.)  Rent’s paid, wireless payment’s been mailed, cell phone’s question’s cleared and money added (for security reasons, checking one’s account has been changed) and scooter’s still working but the thing may have a problem as there’s a funny noise.  There was building community partying at New Year’s Eve not attended. 

Money, as in both cash in hand and checkbook, is still not in order and the annuity check has to be cashed.  Avon will come this week according to schedule.  Calendars are coming in the mail thanks to Distant Friend.  There are good wall calendars here, but none have numbers that are easily readable from the scooter if they’re up on the wall for others.  The advocacy’s lady didn’t send the paperwork for review as was planned.  It needs checking.  (And, another pre-post accident happened.) 

Tomorrow’s can always be better.Fingers crossed 


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