Day After Christmas It Is

The apartment building’s community room was done up nicely to commemorate the holidays.  And, all but a private party spent Christmas Day somewhere else for a few hours, which, based on estimates of the comings and goings at the main door bothered few.  It was a problem for Older Friend, but he managed.  The holiday dinner that Young Friend’s people promised came as it was expected, along with a gift that was not expected.  Older Friend came by several times.  Things aren’t all done yet. 

Things have been especially bad, partly due to working in the few Christmas things that did get done.  Friday the lady from the advocacy group came for papers to be sent away.  She also kindly went to the post office and got the week’s mail.  This coming week’s mail run is uncertain, but the wireless bill is here.  The Lunch Lady, of course, wasn’t scheduled.  As for a working visit from Helping Lady, that hasn’t been set up.  It may be some days yet before that can be arranged workably. 

The coming of the food truck today put a rush on this already badly garbled past week.  The security checking matter is not going as well as hoped (mostly on the receiving end, it’s not convenient times), but the lady missed Saturday’s call.  This coming week the rent has to be paid.  The air bed matter just may be cleared up.  The store manager did offer to order when another is needed.  One Christmas present may be lost and one has yet to be given to the recipient.  Disorganized it is.

May everyone have a happy and prosperous new year.Martini glass 


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