Christmas In Sight….

Saturday was a startlingly bad day with an exceptionally good moment.  Helping Lady was able to help a tiny bit.  A trip to the vending machines put in a dollar bill which may have been two (new ones) stuck together.  The breakfast roll was put in the scooter basket and forgotten.  Come yesterday morning the look on the shelf saw nothing, of course.  The roll was still behind a folder in the basket.  That’s pretty bad.  Scooter’s used all the time.  Even pill dates were down wrong twice.

Young Friend managed to visit on Tuesday, so the money orders for the January rent are in hand and also some cash. However, money and checkbook still are not tallied up except that.  On Friday and also yesterday Older Friend came by bringing stuff needed, so basic stuff is at hand.  The computer jammed in an updating download.  Seemed sure to be headed for repairs, but that apparently sorted itself out in a second try.  (Computer not sure yet.  It’s only “apparently” okay at this point.) 

Somehow a head cold seems to have materialized.  Outside’s at about freezing many times, so the outside “sits” aren’t being done presently as “ill-advised.”  It’s been cloudy and rainy, but there were a few light snowflakes which did not amount to anything.  Lunch lady came as expected and holiday deliveries are expected to be a confused deal.  Today was food truck day and that’s another matter.  Christmas cards haven’t been sent yet and what few decorations there are also aren’t up yet. 

Old people get into quandaries easily.Storm cloud 


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