Christmas Season Begins….

It seems most days have been cloudy, which isn’t good for the plants.  It’s only morning sun if there’s any.  While some of them look okay, they don’t seem to be doing well.  What to do hasn’t been figured out.  At least the rent’s paid.  A really big problem has surfaced.  The company that sold the air beds has discontinued the line primarily used.  There may be other sources, but finding a way to get them is also a concern.  At the moment Older Friend’s deeply involved in something. 

There’s now a need for someone to get the rents’ money orders for January.  Young Friend expects to be free to do it.  That banking stuff is still to be done.  Avon comes this week.  It may be there’ll be no need to make any holiday adjustments in that, and maybe not with the food truck or lunch lady.  Since there is a current prospect of sleeping on the floor, all the delivery simplification is a great help.  A really nice thing that happened was a Christmas card coming from England. 

Helping Lady still won’t be able to come for some weeks.  The thing to do there may be to start hunting again.  However, on the bright side, the advocacy people are now involved.  There should be more before the holiday.  There’s also been promise for good mail pick-up.  A few Christmas wishes should be sent yet, it’s hoped soon.  There’s a second “project” now brewing but in the background and not sure.  That main one is in mind often.  An unusual bill came from the doctor’s company. 

Happy St. Nick’s day to all.Note 


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