It’s Now After Thanksgiving….

Thanksgiving turned out wonderful.  The friendly visitor came not only with a turkey dinner that included an extra piece of pie but also a possible idea for aide service help.  Peaceful and quiet evening was the finish of the day.  On Wednesday an unexpected notice came that the doctor wanted to visit Friday and he did, a bit too early but it was managed okay.  Good to know the doctor’s office works the day after a holiday.  Avon also came conveniently on Thanksgiving at the regular time. 

Older Friend came pretty much as usual, and a special visitor spent two hours in the place Saturday afternoon to take notes maybe to sort out the agency problems.  With the food truck’s business also out of the way for two weeks, perhaps the cash, etc., can be properly sorted out.  One thing that needs to be tried is transferring funds to the checking account from that ATM account.  Money automatically goes there.  It is supposed doable (papers say so), but it’s never been actually tried. 

The rent should be paid this week.  That means an office trip (closed Wednesday, the proper day).  Lunch Lady wasn’t due to come this past Friday but is expected back on her rounds this Friday.  Young Friend is not expected.  This is a busy season for his activities.  Helping Lady also is not expected.  They did operate on her back, which is substantial.  The nice fact about keeping the clocks on Daylight time (as returning to it can be tough) is that what is due is now due an hour later. 

A good holiday is good for the spirit.Star 


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