Time Change – Good!

“Standard Time” may make things go better, may.  Bug control did arrive Tuesday afternoon.  Thereafter nothing went as it was hoped.  Things were so upset even ordinary things like a grocery order Friday night that Older Friend would bring got mixed up.  That lady helping with the likes of hair care and getting cleaned up fell and cracked a bone in her back.  She can’t do much at all now.  New help must be found.  Building management planned to patch the wall paint.  (Postponed.) 

Older Friend did come by Sunday, watered the plants, ran the carpet sweeper, etc.  He had to make two trips as his rounds outside of the building weren’t finished.  The plants aren’t doing well except for a couple.  Circumstances put supper at about midnight both Friday and Sunday.  The money orders for the December rent may be a problem with neither Young Friend nor Older Friend readily available.  The post office mail is also a concern as the Helping Lady has been going for it. 

Avon is due this week, not a moment too soon as hand cream’s desperately needed.  Stuff like figuring out Christmas gifts hasn’t even been started, and that should be done before the Thanksgiving holiday as there are too many changes as of the middle of November.  The doctor ordered a test, which was an interesting thing since the technician was apparently out of Dayton (the one in Ohio).  There was also a strange bill due from the medical office.  Called, they said don’t pay it. 

Holidays can be very unsettled times.Confused smile 


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