Come, Come November!

The big thing(s) of the week were that several neighbors for reasons of their own showed up at the door (different times) with none of it personally beneficial, some of it damaging a degree.  People don’t visit here.  It’s the end of the month and money is low for one thing.  There are enough “visitors” that try to help or provide real service to be tiring, so an unexpected someone even if he/she is not looking for what is needed by him/her can be additional drain on low energy. 

As a result of the excess “traffic,” a new Avon order wasn’t ready for Thursday when that came (had to be emailed).  More important than that, the door wasn’t open for the lunch lady Friday.  Older Friend is not well these days and can’t be of much help.  A possible advocate cancelled out; a dozen phone calls have gone into that.  While no bug control people have come yet, and recent word was they will be about the area on Wednesday, the notice that came on Friday says tomorrow. 

The rent’s paid.  The weather’s nice.  Switching time, etc., will upset routines out there that may make things better in just a few days.  That’s a maybe and a hope.  Saturday was a catch up day for a couple of things and likewise Sunday, but two bills were forgotten in the unexpected traffic including the internet connections.  There are a couple of days before the given due dates, but such should be there earlier.  Such things are more than annoying, and little can be done. 

At times it’s hard to find bright spots.Fingers crossed 


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