Messy Week

This past Friday should be wished onto annoying people.  Only lunch lady was expected, a fast five minutes to unload it and sign for it and maybe five minutes to put it away.  The day’s events around noontime put breakfast at 1:30 p.m.  First, the doctor came.  Although they called Thursday, the word did not filter through until 10:32 a.m. Friday.  He showed up a shade over an hour later.  Then the lunch lady came.  All went well until it was time to put the stuff away.  It was damaged. 

Of course that wasn’t all to Friday, but Saturday, Wednesday, Tuesday and yesterday didn’t go well, either.  Neither Friend was able to come by during the weekdays.  Several things were not done that should have been done.  The biggest concern was that the security check system didn’t work as expected.  That will be important to watch.  If the lady can’t maintain it, a new arrangement has to be set up.  The lunch lady made a trip back on Friday for pick up and brought replacement today. 

Two new contacts are on the horizon.  One’s due to come visit tomorrow to discuss matters.  The other has to be called.  If either one works out, the aide service concerns will be eased greatly eventually.  It’s Avon week.  Older Friend got enough cash yesterday to pay bills.  In addition to the rent payment due soon, there’s also a bill for internet, a medical service and the food truck a week from today.  There’s also cash need for something like gas for an errand or possibly a pizza. 

Sometimes planning is totally useless.Coffee cup 


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