A Better Time?

The seasons, of course, have changed and the lovely weather’s positively uplifting.  That’s important, given that the event unique to this week (as some already know) was that during an ordinary daily “sit outside for different air and view” (they last about five minutes or a shade more) another resident was busy jawing nearby rather than tending to his dog.  It up and decided to pee on me (on the scooter).  No, he didn’t, in any sort of horrified tone, apologize.  It’s a “first” event. 

The search continues for some “aide service” type of services without or even with pay as long as it’s not much.  It should not cost the prices quoted so far, which is mostly because an agency wants more than an hour or so signed up.  That is okay once in a while, but not weekly.  The food truck came earlier today than it has been coming, and may be early again.  Lunch lady and Avon came just fine.  Lunch lady had more eggs, but, surprisingly, this time they were not “her kind” of eggs. 

A small problem about pants falling down may have been fixed, mostly an annoyance situation.  That was not all of the time, just under certain circumstances.  Pest control’s supposed to come tomorrow due to the centipede found.  Older Friend did a rush job on the trash yesterday.  He could not stay long this time, he said.  The lady doing the security checks is calling faithfully.  Young Friend’s helpful visits are, of course, an uncertainty today, and they will be through the holidays.

One can’t really have everything perfect.Red rose  


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