The Heat’s On!

The day the heating system is started is of special notice as the heating system makes less noise than the air conditioning (the fan of the air conditioning is an annoyance to the point where it’s disturbance).  The days are more quiet and they’ll stay that way for months.  Peaceful times are needed for many things like thinking and planning.  The past days, of course, have been overshadowed by the missing ATM card.  As available cash has been low, money had to be taken out of the bank. 

There was a trip to the office about the heat setting off the smoke alarm (and a couple of more items); maintenance came to check things out.  The lady helping with things like personal care came on Thursday, and a couple of other changes confused the week’s events into the forgotten.  As usual, the Avon and the lunch lady came, but the Avon order was not ready for him to pick-up.  It’s to be emailed.  The food truck is back with the regular (supposed) schedule.  There is an inspection.  

The days ahead aren’t clear at all, even though both the food truck and Avon are done for a week.  Having been told of that vision concern when he came, the doctor’s ordered tests to be sure as it may be something other than vision.  The arm seems okay.  The security checks are okay.  Young Friend may not be able to visit as before, but Older Friend’s still expected as before on Sundays as well as during the week as possible (not quite every Wednesday any more due to new circumstances).   

Changes aren’t always good for the old folks.Fingers crossed 


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