Labor Day, 2016

Notices from the office came several times this past week.  A state inspection’s coming mid-month.  Plumbing, etc., must be working.  Two days of anticipating maintenance (which creates problems with going to the bathroom) to check on all such saw nothing of the sort.  (Now due to come tomorrow.)  There even was a need as the kitchen light bulb burned out.  It was dark from Wednesday until Friday during which personal care was by lantern.  Office staff finally fixed the lighting Friday. 

It was also a confused week.  Young friend came okay, but the mail pick up at the post office (needed for a letter from the insurance company that didn’t come) took finding someone that could go get it and some money for the food truck, which came Saturday due to the holiday and didn’t have everything on the order.  Older friend’s matters were especially confused.  The doctor came on Thursday while the message received stated his visit would be on Wednesday.  (He was expected tomorrow.)

There were activities over the weekend, fireworks show in the northbank area and “cook out” food in the parking lot.  There was the regular visit from older friend so the food got eaten quietly in the apartment.  A half hour was spent watching the show as it had never been seen before.  As noted in the other blog last week, in past life Labor Day weekend was big county fair time.  Some fireworks pales by comparison.  Avon was the only matter that seemed to work out just as it should be. 

It’s hoped that all had a nice weekend.Left hugRight hug   



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