Sick List And Stuff

It should be noted that neither young friend nor older friend nor lunch lady is in the best of health. It might be expected with older friend and even lunch lady, but young friend is in his early 20’s.  And, it should be noted because it seems the more able-bodied personnel of the assigning agency managed to create trouble this past week while those who are considerate are those who also struggle along to an extent.  Presently, a discussion of the details isn’t needed, but it’s what is. 

Looking ahead, there are several big concerns.  Most vital is the new lease business, which has an important paper due come Friday.  It’s finally been asked for (like over the weekend), with a hope that it arrives quickly.  Due to the holiday, the food truck is rescheduled for Saturday. meaning money and the order have to be figured out with two extra days before a new visit.  An extra visitor in the form of pest control again is due tomorrow (centipedes).  On Thursday Avon’s due again. 

Looking back, it was a week for several nasty happenings from the blob of ice cream on the rug to the need to wash down the bed.  Young friend did manage to come.  Older friend was by a lot extra, about two hours on Wednesday alone.  In spite of a great deal of effort, the plants seem to be only surviving at this time.  The wireless bill also came, and somehow the cash ran out faster than expected.  Overall, the week was spent in frantic, confused actions and included missed meals, etc. 

People can cause others a lot of problems.Wilted rose        



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