Getting Things In Order

Lists.  Lists.  Lists.  There is a slew of lists to deal with regularly, much of it down because there is too much for just remembering.  Case in point, the day’s list includes the cell phone because after the last alarm it’s easy to forget to set that for recharge.  Who’s coming what day is variable, and it has to be down somewhere as it is necessary to be ready for a visitor ideally a day or two ahead of time, hence a visitors’ list.  Rare stuff like a new lease isn’t on the same day. 

The visitors’ list for this coming week has down young friend and pest control for tomorrow, and on subsequent days an aide services substitution, then Avon with a new wrist watch, then lunch lady and turn in a grocery list, then a security check, then older friend for sure, then the food truck.  It isn’t in stone.  Young friend may not come.  Older friend may stop any time he’s in the building.  Seems like it’s near time for the doctor’s office to call to set up that usual appointment. 

Young friend did come this week and the rent money orders are now in hand (and off the worry list).  Aide sub also came and did what she could.  Inspection prior to a new lease got done and the housekeeping was deemed okay.  Lunch lady came as was expected on Friday, but just a little late.  Older friend was around for someone else on Friday, and stopped to see how the plants were especially the four re-potted.  As usual, he came yesterday, too.  Saturday security checking is just fine. 

Getting things in order can be complex.Work  


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