Some Good, Some Bad

If there was a wasted week before now, it wasn’t as wasted as the past week with joys like running uselessly to the office, calling uselessly to other offices and just trying to breathe normally.  It’s lease renewal time, which leads to inspection later this week (on top of a corporate one that was scheduled for the past Wednesday).  Young friend’s expected tomorrow to help with some things, which is important as he couldn’t come this past week and older friend had to cut things short. 

The neighbor upstairs taking on some of the aide services did well.  It’s good to have someone capable at hand, even though it’s expensive in the long run.  There’s a serious attempt to keep the runs short.  The big problem is there is too much in the way of changing things around.  Even the lunch lady was a little late on Friday.  She did, however, bring her kind eggs again.  A centipede crawled into the place (reason for office visit), and it seems one must now wait for pest control. 

Older friend came yesterday and did some things, brought some groceries, went to the ATM for money and took four plants for some re-potting.  (His personal activities have changed to an extent.)  Avon did not come Thursday although expected.  That order went on back order and a new one had to be turned in to get a new watch via email.  (That works, too.)  Some odds and ends were taken care of that have been sitting around.  Those will amount to nothing.  They were mere follow-up deals. 

Unexpected change can become a disaster.Fingers crossed


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