Still More Changes

Another week has passed with some more turmoil.  The security check matter has been revised for August.  Permanent revision sits in the works of the post office mail pick up, but that’s subject to being less than permanent.  The week was a blurred confusion.  An immediate neighbor became a major annoyance of permanent proportions.  The insurance check was deposited not cashed by older friend, so money was short.  Indeed, there is not even much certainty any more about who came and went. 

The rent’s been paid and a check was sent for internet access (at least that much presumed okay).  There’s a need for a new wrist watch as the strap broke on the one in use.  Avon sells them and comes Thursday.  That is likely the easiest route to getting a new one and it’ll take over two weeks.  A nice lady that is in the building has taken on some of the aide’s stuff for small fees.  Older friend has been doing some things like hauling out trash, so things aren’t quite as bad as once. 

Seems like it’s about time for a visit from the doctor.  That might be explored this week if there’s no notification.  Time lost in attempts to pin down aide services people even though it’s not needed so badly any longer is time lost, but there’s the matter of principle of the thing.  And, there is always a possibility it will be needed as before.  The only question’s when is the best time to junk the matter.  It can’t be now or in the most immediate future but possibly in a few weeks. 

Peaceful old age may be a myth.Work            


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