As August Comes….

Losing track of days can be for good or bad reasons.  Bad is what they were, like not sleeping well.  Light bulbs needing replacement can be a concern.  The table lamp is no problem, but the ones in the bathroom take maintenance.  Conveniently maintenance could also unclog the kitchen sink.  The garbage disposal didn’t work, either.  A new one was needed, he said after some messing with it.  It was an unplanned visit while the mind was on getting stuff ready for coming Avon visit. 

Older friend put in the kitchen light in an unexpected visit Wednesday.  A neighbor was asked to water the plants, and in doing so got water not only all over the table but the floor elsewhere as well.  Another neighbor helped clean it all up.  And, maybe a reason days have lost their identity is because supper has been at midnight or after to match lunch hours at four in the afternoon and breakfasts at eleven each morning, unavoidably.  That’s a disoriented existence and not good. 

The new person to help came Wednesday.  It seemed to go well for a first visit.  She’ll come again.  Lunch lady’s back on the job.  Young friend may come this week.  He’s needed.  It isn’t easy to line things up when things happen and internet  rides high in mind as the bill didn’t come as expected, plus instability seems to be a part of the connection.  The rents need to be paid and the lease renewal is due very soon. That means sessions in the office.  The week was confused time. 

Autumn is coming.Wilted rose         


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