Summer Doldrums

Aide service (but for much pay) just may be in the works, but that isn’t clearly sure until Wednesday.  Older friend helped with some of the chores on Saturday.  That was because a nice little treat, a picnic lunch, came yesterday.  While that was eaten in the apartment instead of outside, it could have been taken outside.  Still on the matter of eats, Saturday a local restaurant that offered to deliver to the building was called and may be tried this week.  Lunch lady was still off sick. 

Although it may not amount to much, the aide service business (it’s a government thing) was finally sent off for government inquiry.  There are a couple more things to possibly do.  The big problem with hiring it done is that the companies that do that type of work usually won’t come for an hour or so.  And, they also want regular clientele.  There’s another difficulty now going into high gear regarding security checking (lacking better description).  Older friend cannot do it these days. 

This week it’s Avon with the food truck next Monday.  A visit from older friend is possible, although these days that isn’t easy.  Lunch lady is expected back on Friday.  The internet’s billing merely should be coming. It seems the internet access only sometimes is available.  Either there is something wrong with the computer or it is not too good of a system, unstable and without explanation.  It died a few times for an extended period.  There may be needs for more trips to the basement. 

Looking ahead in a fog is difficult.Fingers crossed 


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