Days Creep On Badly

Young friend was able to come Tuesday and again took care of several things not covered by the usual means.  Money orders for the rent are now in hand, although a bit early.  He also deposited two checks that were in need of deposit, got pizza again to cover for the food truck, picked up post office box mail, left a note at the non-responding legal place and went for vitamins at the drug store.  He is not expected back for maybe several weeks.  That’s maybe.  He is emergency help. 

Older friend did come both yesterday and Wednesday as he had some free time mid-week.  The plants got watered and grocery items were brought.  He also covered some missing aide stuff when he came.  (That, of course, is still in a stew.)  Lunch lady still being off sick, that stuff came “as possible,” it being very late Friday.  The internet connection is in place and is working okay.  A note keeps popping up, however, that suggests it is unsecured wireless.  The Avon arrived okay. 

In addition to a half dozen routines falling apart and being covered catch as can, there has been an increased difficulty breathing.  It does not seem likely that it’s the weather as that hasn’t been much over 85 degrees.  Possibly being upset the half-dozen ways is a contributing factor, but that’s not certain as things are better after the inhaler’s used.  This coming week has neither the food truck nor Avon, so there is less to do, which should show if there is “deterioration.” 

Running around in circles isn’t good.Fingers crossed 


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