In A Spin On July 4, 2016

The lunch lady didn’t come as expect on Friday.  She got hurt somehow and will be off for two weeks.  After publishing time last time, it was learned the food truck would not be showing up until July 11.  Older friend got off schedule, dropped off some stuff that was expected on Saturday on Thursday, watered the plants (likewise off schedule) and came by on Sunday.  On Wednesday two representatives from the service agency came by to say the aide service will continue to be in disarray. 

Young friend saved part of all that by coming on Tuesday.  He got the post office mail (the neighbor has been picking it up but he had to have an operation; was scheduled the 22nd), got pizza to offset the food shortage (a sub did the lunch lady’s route) and checked out a legal office that never replied.  He covered a lot.  The police were called on Wednesday regarding the aide service problems.  There was a memorial service held in the community room Thursday for that friend who died. 

The bright note?  Well, there was one.  A check got mailed to the company providing wireless service to the building, so as of July 1 there was again internet access without running any place to get it.  The hunt goes on to try to cover the things older friend has been doing to help since his concerns aren’t all sorted out yet.  Young friend is expected tomorrow.  That will be a great help again if he can make it.  New angles are in the works regarding aide services.  They’re possible.   

Belated Happy Independence Day to all.Red heart      



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