So, It’s Summer Now

Young friend couldn’t come this past week after all, but he is expected, comes tomorrow.  Avon and lunch lady came as planned on Thursday and Friday.  More substantial shifts, however, are in the wind.  Older friend has gotten a new job that will take changing his hours, and some family needs have developed so he no longer has as much time to be helpful.  He is not gone from the scene.  He just can’t be around as much.  That’s now cause to find someone to do the stuff he’s been doing for a while. 

The food truck was scheduled for today of course; the delivery Monday business is highly unsatisfactory.  However, it must be tolerated for the time being.  The aide service disarray isn’t changed, but, it is expected to get worse.  State documents at hand include a form for release of information.  A new medical concern’s falling, as it almost happened twice on Saturday.  A service for internet hasn’t been set up yet as there’s been no chance to get check in the mail to set up an account for it. 

The rent has to be paid this week, and the management’s set an inspection of smoke alarms, HVACs, etc., for business hours on any day throughout the week.  As outside weather’s fairly nice generally, people are getting out.  All three nearby neighbors are gone at times, so there’s no one to ask for some help with something like changing a light bulb.  Word was, a contact has gotten interested in the organization of the project.  That is good to know, but it won’t provide help on it, at least now.

Day begins at sunset (every day earlier now).Clock 


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