More Changes Coming

It’s estimated it will take a week to establish the internet service (wireless) from the cable company.  It involves mail and telephone calls.  Thereafter it will take suffering with writing a check every month or some such thing.  While a sit down the hall is a poor substitute, even that’s now out, the landlady said (which led to this week’s Diary topic).  Maybe the postings will get posted.  The neighbor getting the mail from the post office is having an operation on Wednesday. 

So, at this point, the food truck is coming a different day, the internet routine is a different system, the mail pick up will be a different person and the lunch lady will be coming later now; she explained on Friday that their office changed the routing.  The doctor’s office called with an appointment for Thursday; he came Friday.  At least he’s not every week.  What had been aide service is still a hit and miss disarray, under some construction.  (Avon purchases are unchanged.) 

The change of seasons, of course, happens this week.  HVAC’s presumably okay for the summer, as maintenance took a look a few days ago.  The scooter’s making more noises but at least there’s one strong set of batteries.  The legal help’s still very uncertain.  And, there’s one more addition to the death list that’s been accumulating since Christmas.  Very special friends are living in the building.  One died Friday.  He is missed and will be.  It’s a thing in the old folks’ home. 

It can be good to not mention some things.Broken heart    


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