New Big Troubles Included

Young friend came Tuesday.  He has other commitments for this coming week and can’t come back until next week.  Fortunately older friend got the cash for the rental money orders already and those are in hand due to young friend.  Older friend will not be around on Sunday as his family has Father’s Day events planned.  He did help extra, as one of the plants needed some extra care.  A search began for a lawyer which will surely be effort in time, etc.  There’s a meager contact with one.

The internet connection vanished Thursday evening.  It likely will not be back.  What was used for a little over a year was the neighbor lady’s connection (at her invitation).  Internet connection is needed for many things, including posting these literary masterpieces.  The building’s cable service has such service, but frantic calls to their offices to find out about it netted little more than recordings.  Unsecured wireless is around.  It takes a scoot down the hall and a sit there.  

Food can be bought at the supermarket.  There is no one to go get it that’s reliable, and trying to ride the scooter around in one isn’t too feasible.  For one thing, the batteries will get depleted too quickly.  Getting the food truck on a better schedule may be impossible.  Aide service, of course, doesn’t exist at present.  Pest control came around on Tuesday in the hunt for bedbugs in the building (about two floors at a time) and found nothing.  That is good.  (May that continue.) 

Life is only here and now.Clock  


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