Frantic Times

The week began on a most frantic note:  the first item to get out of the way on Tuesday was pay the rent, as the management office is closed on Wednesdays (June 1 being Wednesday).  The bank teller hadn’t signed the money order, which wasn’t noted until the assistant office manager noted it, so several hours were spent getting someone to go to the bank to get it signed Tuesday morning.  Papers from the state did not arrive as was expected, so Thursday frantic hours went for state offices. 

Friday brought not only the lunch lady and the food truck but another thing to extensively disrupt life.  Food truck routes have been changed.  From now on that’s to come Mondays unless that’s a holiday, in which case it’ll come Saturday.  Scooter has developed a substantial squeak.  The newer one apparently works all right, but it’s harder to manage, and if the little one gives out completely (a firm suspicion) life will be just newly impossible.  (The little one fits into the bathroom.)

Come tomorrow, pest control will be coming around to look for signs of bed bugs, to be more specific some time between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Young friend could not come the past week and was badly missed Tuesday morning.  Older friend is nearly getting overloaded with additional requests in the absence of aide service.  Avon comes this week.  At least the weather is relatively nice and the computer is fairly operational.  Many items in mind, some important, are going nowhere very fast. 

Some people just take up space.Lightning 


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