Now What?

The week brought a notice from the “activities” office of the apartment building.  This is not the building management, but sort of a “senior services” office that does things like that Health Fair of last week.  It’s like going to a dentist.  The newest scooter batteries were tried.  Apparently they’re okay and that’s a big concern solved.  What they replaced only had about five hours of service in them.  As it’s a legal holiday today, important stuff (like the aide service) has to sit. 

The windows got a professional cleaning on Friday.  The lunch lady also came on Friday, once again with some of her kind of hen eggs (free range from her chickens) already boiled, ready to eat.  Older friend had some family concerns.  Young friend wound up doing some of the things older friend has been doing as older friend couldn’t get to them, although by Saturday it was more normal.  Avon week brought a new purse into the nest that’s a little different.  New things can be encouraging. 

The food truck comes this week and rent has to be paid.  It’s hoped young friend can continue to come for a while.  Part of the problem is that it’s getting harder to read papers.  Part of the problem is that there has been some physical slow down while the pace of life has speeded up due to more things that need doing.  There is now a Freedom of Information paper that is supposed to come from the state that needs filling out and return.  There’s also other legal stuff needing attention. 

Getting old is complicated.Work 


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