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Apart from it being a voting day and the building underfoot a place to cast them, Tuesday was again an eventful day, and so was Wednesday.  Young friend could not come at all this week, so older friend took care of that mini-emergency of the money orders for rent.  He also did other stuff he’s been doing and there was some confusion.  Tuesday was topped off by the pest control company coming (flying ants) and a neighbor’s problem with her computer.  (Pest control first thing to show up.)  

Wednesday the building’s services held a “health fair.”  Eyes and ears got a quick check for free.  Then hot dog passed out became lunch as that had been forgotten.  There was also what has to be called “a new experience.”  Representative from the local massage school were present and did back massages.  One gave a price (at their school) that sounded reasonable.  It’s just a case of getting to it; he said they could do something for legs.  Since it’s done by students it has to be there. 

Friday it was lunch lady and food truck (Avon come soon).  In Dayton it was the weekend for the International Festival.  It would be nice to really explore that once (pipe dream).  Aide service is, of course, in disarray.  The complaint’s now just floating around the state offices, and the expectation’s that much time was wasted, for nothing.  Older friend brought some bunch of papers that are essentially an application for other shelter where such service might be attainable from staff.

It’s hard to leave some places.Fingers crossed     


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