Little Is New Except….

The equipment isn’t working right.  Young friend changed days and came Wednesday instead of the more common Tuesday.  Older friend also came Wednesday afternoon and switched some Sunday to Saturday.  Another helpful soul came Wednesday rather than wait until Saturday.  The weather was good for late March.  A letter sent for possible services was never answered possibly because someone else is now running it.  The food truck order couldn’t be filled as he only had about half of the stuff. 

There are idiotic things when one is stuck with not moving in normal fashion.  A pinch of a powder, meant to be inhaled, is helpful with the breathing.  It comes in a capsule which goes in a gizmo that pokes holes in it so the powder escapes while inhaling (by mouth).  Afterwards it’s sensible to be sure all of the powder’s out of the capsule.  Once in a great while it doesn’t work right.  Trying to break it open Thursday sent it flying which caused a moving of cords/wires with a hanger. 

There was also the strange matter of accidentally whacking an ankle against a place on the scooter and seeing blood.  While it looks okay, it was not that hard of a whack.  For Mother’s day the best that can be done is an online cemetery visit and since older friend was occupied, the evening was free.  There was an accident with The Diary’s Blog, so the extra time came in handy.  This coming week Avon is due.  Another letter went out today in the hunt for some aide services, a wild shot. 

Figuring stuff out can take more than a doctorate.Sick smile   



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