It’s May…!

Once again Tuesday was an eventful day.  Young friend came by with his helping hands to sort through more of the papers and mail from the last few years.  The rent got paid.  The plants got care as older friend came including on Saturday with some groceries.  And, Friday the lunch lady came bringing some her kind of hen eggs.  A neighbor also came to help a little with personal care, but that’s not anything certain forever as she isn’t in the best of health.  Avon came just fine. 

For much of several days it seemed that what would get posted for blog messages was the sick leave sign.  It was bad enough that coffee was skipped for about three days.  There was some ongoing sense of being frantic enough that there was not need of any stimulant.  The idea for The Diary’s Blog was scrapped almost immediately.  Later thought emerged, so there is post, but there was no dealing with the first one.  By yesterday in the morning things eased up, so no emergency call. 

The food truck comes Friday and young friend is expected come tomorrow, but he can only come if he has free time.  The lady with the lunches (and hen eggs) is always due on Fridays, and no one else but older friend is expected.  The last paperwork of the complaint might be out of the way this week as there’s some time to do it.  Then it becomes a matter of arranging an effective replacement for the aide service.  There is a dream catcher on the door.  It may be the best of deals. 

Changing things can be difficult.Coffee cup        



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