Which Way Are Things Going?

Friday was an eventful day.  The food truck was late and that rarely happens.  There was a need to change clothes twice; it was after midnight one time. One time wasn’t absolutely need, but it was a good idea.  It was chilly enough to wonder about the HVAC working, which meant getting up to investigate.  The thing was working, but then there was no going back to bed to get some sleep.  A sort of unexpected visitor interrupted the morning rest period.  Some was very good, some very bad. 

Young friend came on Tuesday and cleared out more mess.  Much still needs to be done.  Older friend came as usual Wednesday so the plants got care.  He also came yesterday and amid more took a grocery list and hauled out the trash.  The lunch lady came Friday with food.  So far that complaint filed still has paperwork to be sent.  The two Avon orders are due this week, and the rent has to be paid since Sunday is May 1.  But where things are headed is uncertain.  Weather’s been unusual.

There’s a new foody activity by the residents’ association in the form of unexpected little distribution, like yesterday at 3:00 p.m. salad and strawberry shortcake were given away.  At the moment the main pre-occupation is replacing aide service, as that still isn’t all covered, so (as before) the project’s on the far back burner and so are several more things.  There is no doubt about “retirement living” not being all that it’s cracked up to be, even if one has others around to help. 

What tomorrow brings is important.Email             


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